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Details about our wide engineering offer

  • Planning and project development for large photo-voltaic plants (on buildings and in field)
  • Building integrated photo-voltaic (architecturally special solutions)
  • Multi-functional synergy-solutions (for example sun protection lamellas : Shadow-Voltaic)
  • Systems engineering special applications
  • Special constructions and designs (canopys, freestanding works of art, logos a.o.)
  • Technical documentation and deevelopment of manuals and guides
  • Independant technical, economic and esthetic consultation
  • Self-sufficient off-mains supply concepts (so calles island systems)
  • Integration into complex energy systems and hybrid-applications
  • Tracked solar plants
  • Pre-studies and feasibility studies with valuations of profitableness
  • Simulation and analysis of plant yields, shading simulations, error diagnostics
  • Panel- and plant measuring with datalogging for power rating and function-audit
  • Market researches
  • Lecture, trainings, schooling, briefing
  • Developmant of technical survey
  • New Products and consultation for new products
  • Exams to confirm standards, static requirements, construction engineering, construction physics
  • Performance and evaluation of field tests
  • Scientific researches and metrological attendance of research projects

Building integrated photo-voltaic

special projects