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Lecture and technical editorial



  • French and italian adaption and editorially extension of the chapter self-sufficient off-grid systems for the manual "Photovoltaik für Profis", Deutsche Energie Agentur
  • Usermanual (english) for off-mains photo-voltaic systems shipped to China; editorial, illustration, compilation, 19 pages; SOLARC
  • Brochure compilation incl. concept, technical editorial, graphics and printing about rack systems for photo-voltaic; ENERGIEBISS
  • Various english Verschiedene Englischsprachige consulting reports among others feasibility evaluation for usage of renewable energies in Vienna College Namugongo, Uganda
  • Performance of one day seminaries, consulting in business founding at Fa. SUNfarming
  • Dokumentation of all planing orders in project reports and specification
  • Recitations among others at courses from DGS, lectures in seminars from Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, lecturer at Solarschule des Bundes der Energieverbraucher
  • Market study in english language about special rack systems and rating of a new developed product, 30 pages; Evergreen
  • Panel assembly guide: editorial, illustration, building




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