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  • Sven Lehmann founded the engineering office PI EXPERTS in march 2003, after he passed a vocational educatin, finished electrical engineer study and collected expirience in different areas of solar branch (assembly-, trade- and production firms for photo-voltaic). Thereby he acquired netzwork knowledge about mains-coupled plants, which was eked by special experience in building integrated photo-voltaic specific solutions (BIPV) as well as autarkic off-mains eneryy supply. That technical competence is extended by knowledge and experience in international projects.
  • Dipl.-Ing. Jens Dittrich finished after several years of work experience as electrican a study in environment engineering / renewable energies. After study he squired different research projects in photo-voltaic area and completed his experience by working in differnet companies of solar branch. Since 2004 he mainly works free lanced as planning and consulting engineer for photo-voltaic installations, development of panel- and assembly systems, simulations and measuring.
  • Christian Röhr is project cooperator since may 2006. He is studying environment engineering / renewable energies at FHTW Berlin and plans to finish with diploma in june 2007. The collaboration in various engineering offices is base for his experience in measuring and data evaluation, simulation, CAD and programming as well as network administration.
  • Timo Krause is originally from Automotive Industry and reorientated to renewable energies by studying. He finished Bachelor of science und is now aiming at Master of science . He collected experience in various internships in planning, optimization and installation. Since april 2006 he works as project cooperator for PI EXPERTS.
  • Sarah Rückert Sarah Rückert specialized while architecture study to building conservation and building integrated photo-voltaic. At PI EXPERTS she works as project cooperator for computer aided drawing. She already designed numerous standard-, plant- and special solutions. Additional she supported planning, projecting and execution of photo-voltaic plants.

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